Hot Cocoa & Cream Whipped Body Soap
Hot Cocoa & Cream Whipped Body Soap
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Hot Cocoa & Cream Whipped Body Soap

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The Hot Cocoa & Cream Whipped Body Soap is a smooth butter like blend of gentle surfactants and nourishing oils that leave your skin comfortably clean, insanely soft and smelling delightful.

A little goes a really long way and the suds it forms are nothing shorter than incredible. The perfect alternative to traditional body cleansing products but with a festive twist that provides intense moisturising properties that cleanse without stripping the skin and have you smelling like you're fresh out the bakery !

A  dose of pure delight for your skin which will do nothing but have you smelling like a dream and feeling great everywhere you go !

Wanna turn you scent and compliments up to super strength?… Well we recommend pairing your body soap with the matching body scrub and body cream, finishing off with a few spritz of the body mist. You can find matching mini sets or go for the full collection. Head to the festive collection page and find your perfectly paired products. 

This limited edition collection won't be here forever so add it to your selfcare routine or grab it as a gift for someone you love before it's gone forever !