GOLDEN GOODNESS - Exfoliating Body Polish
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GOLDEN GOODNESS - Exfoliating Body Polish

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Our Golden Goodness Exfoliating Polish Sloughs away at dead using natural exfoliating enzymes found in Papaya Extract as well as a gentle moisturising blend of Shea butter, Himalayan Salt + more.The alluring blend of exotic fruits creates a natural sweet pungent odour reminiscent of banana, leaving you longing to be on a tropical island soaking up the sun...

Repair | Restore | Radiate

Formulated using ethical ingredients 

Recommended for:

Normal to Dry skin.

Suitable for:

All skin types


Dryness, Dead Skin, Scarring, Hyper-pigmentation and Discolouration.


Do not apply to broken skin or open sores.Gently exfoliate using circular motions. Rinse and moisturise with HOPE Skincare.

This product works best with other products from the Golden Goodness system.


Do not allow excessive amounts of water in product. Use product within 9 months.

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