Festive Soy Candle Set
Festive Soy Candle Set
Festive Soy Candle Set
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Festive Soy Candle Set

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Have your home smelling like freshly baked goods from the moment you ignite the flame on your 3-wick 100% soy candle.  The festive soy candle set is a compilation of four 100% soy wax candles that will have your space smelling like a sweet treat for hours and have everyone that enters, never wanting to leave !

 The set consists of:

• Pumpkin Pecan Waffles Soy Candle

• Hot Cocoa & Cream Soy Candle

• Gingerbread Latte Soy Candle

• Apple Pie Soy Candle

A quadruple dose of pure delight to engulf your space with gorgeous aromas. This limited edition collection won't be here forever so add it to your selfcare routine or grab it as a gift for someone you love before it's gone forever !