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We tend to focus a lot on detoxifying, extracting and maintaining our facial care routine but what about our body?.. it is skin after all and still needs just the same amount of attention.

Our Clean Green Body Bar consists of excellent skin detoxifying ingredients which include French Green Clay, Spirulina, Seaweed + many more. The bar also features the excellent antibacterial & antioxidant properties provided from ingredients such as Green Tea Extract, Tea Tree + Marjoram.

The Clean Green Body Bar helps to protect the skin's surface from free radicals and environmental aggressors like UV and pollution whilst deeply cleansing the skin and eradicating pores of impurities and toxins, leaving your complexion refreshed.This body cleansing bar smells delightfully uplifting and feels amazing on the skin, after all it is apart of our Clean Green line.. it's kind of in the name. 

Absorb | Reduce | Prevent

Formulated using ethical ingredients

Recommended for:

Normal to Oily skin.

Suitable for:

All Skin Types.


For Body Use Only. Avoid Eyes. Wet Skin and Gently Cleanse, Use Twice Per Day For Best Results. Rinse + Moisturise with HOPE Skincare.


Keep Soap Packaged Until Ready to Use. Keep Dry After Use, Do Not Leave Sitting in Excess Water.


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